Investment/Management Services

The company's expertise encompasses a variety of real estate investments. These include land development and residential homebuilding, as well as the acquisition and disposition of distressed real estate assets in which value is added through a strategic acquisition process and creative property restoration. Our knowledgeable team of experienced professionals assists the company in creating opportunities for select investors to partner in specifically identified projects throughout Southern California.  

Our overriding goal is to deliver maximum returns for our partners, while delivering quality products to our consumers. Griffin's current focus primarily targets new homebuilding and land development opportunities as well as distressed real estate “value add” opportunities.

Griffin Residential offers its partner clients various joint venture structures tailored specifically for each investor incorporating specific investment criteria and plans for each venture. These joint ventures can be leveraged with debt by one of the company's preferred lender clients, at the discretion of the partnership.

The senior management team has developed proprietary strategies that help identify quality investments in select real estate markets that generate significant returns. Griffin currently partners with several well respected and recognized industry investors consisting of both private and institutional relationships. 

Griffin Residential's role as managing partner of the joint venture is managing the operations of the company while reporting and meeting with the partner clients regularly. The reporting, meeting and involvement of the investment partner are tailored specifically to each client.



Investment Opportunity Contact


Shahram Gheysari, CFO

Ian Griffin, CEO